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Most Wanted
Takayuki Yamamoto

Japanese artist Takayuki Yamamoto gathered drawings by elementary school students of the most wanted criminals, offering us an insightful and occasionally humorous glimpse into the lively imaginations of the younger generation. From characters that could appear in comic books, unshaven thugs, pirates and ninjas, to pop stars, athletes and even Santa Claus, the interpretations of the theme are as varied as they are colourfully illustrated. Designed by Erik van der Weijde, the book is presented as a spiral-bound children’s sketchpad.

First edition , 2014

80 pages / 40 colour illustrations
22x30 cm
offset printed in the EU
ISBN 9789491047046

-Stores please contact IDEA Books-

€ 18,00

Please e-mail if interested. Title available through partner in Japan.