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Paradiesvögel (Birds of Paradise II)
Erik van der Weijde

Paradiesvögel contains heavily rasterized reproductions, taken from a book on German War Tanks.

Also available are 3 sizes of ammunition for the tanks, in different editions, all handmade sewn vinyl, signed & numbered (scroll down for images):
-small 75mm rounds
-medium 95mm rounds
-large 140mm rounds

First edition , 2015

48 pages
20x28 cm
offset printed in Estonia

€ 8,00 -zine only

€ 35,00 -incl. 75mm shell / edition 25
€ 55,00 -incl. 95mm shell / edition 10
€ 100,00 -incl. 140mm shell / edition 5



Zine & Ammo edition (plus a flat shipping rate)


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